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Got Goats? Moo-ve Over Cows!

Milk and cookies are as American as apple pie and ice cream.  They still are, but now cows and their milk are getting a run for their money and having to mooo-over to make way for dairy goats.  Dairy goats are the decade’s fastest growing livestock segment in America...
打破傳統!  電動削蹄器更輕、更細膩也更好上手

打破傳統! 電動削蹄器更輕、更細膩也更好上手

因緣際會 接到來自家鄉客戶的訂單 【高士文/ 採訪】幾個月前,我們公司接到了來自台南的修蹄師楊子函先生的訂單,他向我們公司訂購了三組牛隻削蹄器。 由於我們公司Boss Tools對台灣的削蹄市場尚未有太多的了解,因此身為公司唯一的台灣人,我邀請了楊先生針對電動削蹄器的使用和台灣普遍的削蹄狀況做一個簡單的分享。   長達超過20年的家族修蹄事業...
Profile of Dairy Farm in Taiwan

Profile of Dairy Farm in Taiwan

Introduction My name is Sven Kao and I’m from Taiwan. I currently work for Boss Tools, a company located in Tallahassee, Florida. A few months ago, we received an order for three of our Complete Cow Trimming Sets from Tzu-Han Yang, whom we later learned is a...

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