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Duplo Composite Horseshoes Demonstration

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Horses | 0 comments

Katie Jo from Duplo Composite Horseshoes shared a demonstration video with us utilizing the Hoof Boss to tend to a swollen and inflamed tendon on a PPID Mare with sensitive hooves and a history of chronic Laminitis.


When horses have a swollen and inflamed tendon Duplo adds a support compression wrap. Additional cast compression on damaged laminae will benefit some horses during the process. The Hoof Boss reduces movement of the capsule, and the Duplo Composite Horseshoes Open Toe Laminitis Shoe is designed for P3 support. If you are looking for options that do not nail into a damaged Laminae, this is one for the toolbox! Glue tabs and casting minimize the amount of time the horse has to stand with the opposite hoof bearing extra weight as the application is mostly done with the hoof on the ground.

Wow! What an intriguing process! Check out the entire video below and let us know what you think!

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Duplo Composite Horseshoes Demonstration


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