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Lowdown on the Doedown

by | Apr 14, 2018 | Goats | 0 comments

We’re thrilled to announce that we are in the process of creating a brand-new referral program! If you love the Hoof Boss and want to tell all your friends about, while simultaneously earning incentives for both parties, then this program will be for you. There will be three different types of programs up and running when the project is ready for the official launch. One of these programs will be the Brand Ambassador. This is an individual seeking to promote the Hoof Boss and accessories in exchange for an incentive. Both the Brand Ambassador and their fans will receive an incentive.

Our first Brand Ambassador is the Wise County Dairy Goat Association! This amazing association shows their passion by helping youths become breeders that proudly represent the American Dairy Association. WCDGA is host to the 2018 Decatur Doedown, the first of an annual dairy goat show for Wise County. Check-in for the event will begin on Thursday, April 26th. Final check-in will occur Saturday, April 28th. A fun evening with special events and a welcome supper will begin at 6:00 pm Friday.

At the Doedown, the WCDGA will be featuring the Hoof Boss trimming tool in numerous different aspects. As an added bonus, they will be raffling the tool off to one lucky winner! If you’re in the area and have always wanted to see the tool for yourself, this show is your chance. Check out their Facebook page and website for more information.

Thank you to the Association! We can’t wait to work with you!

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