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Manual Hoof Trim vs Hoof Boss Trim

by Jan 21, 2019Horses, Other News

We at Boss Tools were in the field conducting research with the Hoof Boss and came across an opportunity to shoot a video comparing techniques of using a Hoof Boss vs. manual tools to trim horse hooves.Lee, a farrier of 35 years was up for the challenge. His client list is about 200 deep and he trims between 400-500 horses per month. For the last four years Lee has switched from solely using manual tools, to mostly using the Hoof Boss with the occasional use of manual tools.While the video team was capturing this footage a few things jumped out at us at Boss Tools. Lee was white knuckling the manual trim. Carving with his hoof knife you can see the whites of his knuckles from straining digging into the sole.

With the nippers, it took two hands squeezing for several cuts per hoof. Each of these manual steps take their toll on farrier hands over the span of their career. See this article from American Farrier Association on the concern of farriers and hand/wrist injuries.Lee feels as if he can get the trimming done with less strain on his body from needing less pressure to operate the Hoof Boss compared to hand tools, but also from spending less time bent over due the the efficiency and speed of the tool. We hope you enjoy this new video we created for you @ //


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