Cow Hoof Video Tutorials

Hoof Boss / GeneralMaintenance Trimming

Peter Tishbourne shares his unique approach to using the Hoof Boss. Peter uses a who hand reverse grip that he developed. It fits his trimming style

Hoof Boss / Removal of Wooden Block

Demonstration of how easy it is to remove a wooden block.

Hoof Boss / Removinga Double Sole

Glenn Rowland using the Hoof Boss to remove a double sole.

Using the Hoof Boss / Dr. Rupert Mothersole, Rosabrook Veterinary Services

Dr. Rupert Mothersole demonstrates how he uses the Hoof Boss in his Veterinary practice. Dr. Rupert is located in Australia.

Using the Hoof Boss / Professional Hoof Trimmer, Glenn Rowland

Glenn Rowland using the Hoof Boss to do regular maintenance trimming on Dairy Cows.