Hoof Boss Set Up Videos

Cdisc / Assembly and Attachment

Shows how to assemble the 4 & 8 Tooth Cdisc and attach to the Hoof Boss

Assembling the 4 tooth Cdisc

Putting the 4-tooth Cdisc together. A different view.

Changing the Trimming Discs

Demonstrates how to attach or remove a disc from the Hoof Boss

Attaching and Removing a Disc

Shows how to put a disc on and take it off

Holding the Hoof Boss

How to release the Green Safety Tab to start the tool. Recommended way to grip the Hoof Boss

Developing the Touch

Good video showing how to hold the Hoof Boss when you trim. This video will help you get through the short learning curse with tips on how to use the tool

Adjusting the Safety Guard


Adjusting the Safety Guard

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Allen DeWolf, CEO Boss Tools (Hoof Boss General Overview)

I wanted to share with you a little of the story behind this Power Trimming System we have. I think sometimes knowing the WHY helps you understand the HOW.


Cdisc Information

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Disc Daddy

Learn about Disc Daddy Operation.


Disc Daddy Instructions

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