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" I’ve been using the Hoof Boss for over a year now. Not only can I trim a goat’s feed faster with less stress on the goat I can also do a much better job corrective trimming.
I have noticed using the hoof boss has enabled me to trim more correctly thus allowing the animal to wear down their hoof more naturally. This results in less trimming and better overall animal health. "  


Oklahoma USA

Hi, I bought the complete horse care cordless trimmer and it is the best money I’ve ever spent. As I’ve got older I have struggled to trim my huge horse’s feet. And as I live in a remote area getting a barefoot trimmer to me was not an option. The trimmer is very light and quick and easy to use. The horses adapted easily during the first trim and the noise doesn’t seem to bother them. I can’t recommend highly enough.

- Constance Attard


I want to first thank you so much for the quick and professional handling with getting me my tool. Second, I used it for the first time Monday on some beef cows with horrible screw claw and multiple abscesses. It was life changing! I am very rural and my clients don’t always have any facilities much less “nice” ones and we don’t have the clientele to make a portable tilt chute feasible. Power is also a luxury I only have on extremely rare occasions. Normally for these girls I would have been able to do a trim with nippers and a hoof knife which is not only subpar but time consuming, expensive and hard on me and the animal. I was able to do not only an amazing job but do the job in at least a quarter the time it would have even with my old trusty grinder! The producer was tickled and fascinated, I was tickled and having fun and the cows reaped major health benefits! I can not be happier! This equipment has basically paid for itself after one use! I look forward to using it more! I just wanted to give you an update on my first week with the Hoof Boss

- Karen S, DVM

North Carolina

So glad I have mine! I’m not strong enough to use the chain blade, but I have 5 others I use, they are a life saver for me! I practiced on wood like they suggested first. So easy to use and I am 61 with arthritis, and a bad back!

- Rebecca Hagan

Received the trimmer yesterday. It is AMAZING. So easy to use and does a great job. It’s not often you find a product that does what it claims, but this one really does.

- Paul A Bobby

Wonderful tool, especially if you have multiple horses to take care of. Also, it just takes a few minutes per horse. Boy, is that nice when your old and back can’t take the old traditional way anymore. It does a beautiful job and pays for itself pretty quick.

- Chuck Douglas


" I’ve been a hoof trimmer for twenty-six years. I started using The Hoof Boss because I was using regular hoof knives. The Hoof Boss took the fatigue away from my wrists and I’ve gotten a lot better looking result with it than from the regular hoof knives.
As far as the hooves, they are a lot cleaner, and a lot easier to trim even at their worst. It is a whole lot better looking and functional for me. It’s probably the friendliest thing that I’ve found, because it does the work for you. You get it so much cleaner and flatter around your white lines.

The Electric Hoof Knife is the only tool I’ll use.


Oklahoma USA

"I purchased the electric hoof knife about 3 months ago and I realize that it is exactly what I needed! I was initially hesitant about being able to handle it effectively and now, after my third time with 3 feisty Arabians ages 7 to 31 I feel I have arrived somewhat at the top of the learning curve! Their hooves look great, and I think they look better than when the farrier was done!
I use the Parelli approach to work step by step, even with a distrustful abused rescue 31 yr old Arabian mare, and I can confidently say that all the horses and I have developed a closer relationship and trust facilitated by the fact that the electric hoof knife is so much less of a struggle than the old way with the wrist-wrenching back-killing hoof-jerking nippers! I know now that I can take care of their hooves more consistently and my horses are happier and their hooves look great! Truly a worthwhile investment. "  

- Julianne Young


"I have probably done well over 100 sets of hooves. I just use a wire brush to clean the disc. It is also helpful to clean the hooves before you start using the Hoof Boss. I have cleaned gravel, dirt, sand, etc out of the hooves which I believe would start dulling the discs. I highly recommend the Hoof Boss. "  


" I got the privilege to use this tool on 50 goats . Someday I’ll own one. U can get the feet good and square on both sides. U can bring the toe down without quicking. U don’t take too much off. I wish we had videotape the transition!! I did not use the other blades. I have worked a lot of goat feet in our area without the tool. It saves a lot of time and the feet are so pretty at the same time!!. "  


"Trimming the old way — with scissor-type trimmers and a rasp — was a dreaded, painful task. I knew I would end the day with cramped, bruised hands and a gash or two, even when using gloves. The Hoof Boss has made the task much more pleasant, not just for me but, also, for the animals. For the most part, they relax in the tilt table and enjoy the pedicure. "  


"This product WILL revolutionize the trimming of hooves by animal owners. It is fast, easy and requires little exertion by the operator. The tool is hand friendly and it is simple to change from the cutter blade to the grinder disc. Once a person uses this device they will never hand nip animal hooves again! "  


"Following your instructions on the CD, both horses were acclimated to the hoof knife in less than 15 minutes. I’m 66 years old and it took me about 30 minutes to trim the first horse. I’m used to trimming one hoof, wait 20 minutes to ease my back, then 30 minutes to the next hoof, wait again… you see the problem. With The Hoof Boss I didn’t need to rest from one hoof to the next. I can’t thank you enough for developing such a great product. "  


"We just received ours today. I spent weeks researching the standard goat set and let me say this was the BEST investment ever. To make it even better the customer service is impeccable. I had many questions and they were always answered promptly and respectfully. I placed my order over the phone and Donna was the sweetest thing. My order arrived as promised. I can’t speak highly enough about ordering directly through this company. "  


"“Tried mine out this weekend on two donkeys and 8 goats in desperate need of corrective trimming. Worked great. Makes it a lot easier on me and the critters. Regular pedicures will no longer be a big deal.” "  

- Lindsey Baldridge

"I have one of these Hoof Boss and it’s awesome! "  

- Tangie Fry

"We got ours here this past week, have been cleaning up the goats hooves as time and heat allows. Loving using it. "  

- Nancy Garris

" I am very happy I found and bought mine – have horses and needed something more do-able than nippers…really happy I have them and wish they were a bit quieter and smaller to the hand, but otherwise perfect for my horses and me – a Boss Tool to have! think i will save money in the long run w/ these – as I have no occasion to put shoes on my horses"  

- JMarie Hamilton