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Basic Horse Hoof Trimming Set

The Hoof Boss Basic Horse Trimming Set is designed for self-trimming horse owners or professional farriers who do regular maintenance trimming and shoeing.

The Trimming Set consists of your choice of either the Electric, Plug-In, 110 volt or the Mobile Battery Powered, 20 volt, Hoof Boss. (Battery and charger are not included) The Set includes the 4-tooth Cdisc and Red Power Rasp.

The trimming tool with its ergonomically designed shape, size, weight, speed and torque, improves your efficiency while reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury. The Cdisc duplicates the actions of a manual hoof knife and limits the need for nippers. The Red Power Rasp is used like a traditional rasp to smooth and finish the hoof after trimming. The Hoof Boss has a powerful motor that provides a safe, fast and smooth trimming experience.

 Hoof Boss is available in two models, Hoof Boss (plug-in electric) and Hoof Boss Mobile (battery powered).  BATTERY NOT INCLUDED.   


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