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Rescue Hooves

by Apr 29, 2019Horses

Humans and animals have existed side by side throughout time from dogs being domesticated to horses as a mode of transportation.  During this time, humans have mostly done their best to care for the health and well being of their animals.  Sadly, not all animals great and small have received the best care from their human owners and were neglected instead.  Thankfully, some caring animal lovers brought about the formation of animal rescues for all types of animals from cats and dogs to horses and goats, to everything in between to rescue them and help these animals recover.  Animal rescuers come in all shapes and sizes from an animal lover who only has a handful of hooved family members to begin with, to well-coordinated non-profit organizations spanning the globe.  In addition to the basic care of food and shelter that all animals require and are provided in rescue, horses and goats require hoof health rehabilitation, as well.

Proper horse hoof maintenance is vital to the health and well being of a horse as their hooves are detrimental to their ability to not only function, but to their survival as well.  The horse hoof is the support system for the horse’s body and requires regular hoof care maintenance of at least once every 6 to 8 weeks per the ASPCA and Horse Canada.  If their hooves are not regularly maintained with proper hoof trimmings, their hoof will continue to grow and curl under making it hard for the horse to walk, run, jump, and can cause the horse to lose their balance and fall.  Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR), an accredited horse rescue in Woodbine, MD rescued the two horses pictured above.  These horses had not received proper health and hoof care in at least 15 allowing their hooves to grow to more than 3 feet long!

These poor animals were in danger of getting tangled in their own hooves and could barely move.  DEFHR had to have these horses sedated in order to remove portions of their hooves before they could be transported to the rescue facility for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Take time and thank your local rescue, pat yourself on the back for rescuing and animal or see where the need may be in your community to rescue an animal or simply contribute to the cause.  By just investing a few minutes trimming your animal’s hooves every few months can add many healthy years to your animal’s partnership with you.  A trimmed hoof is a healthy hoof and the Hoof Boss has been trusted by rescue teams, veterinarians and farriers to begin & maintain the process of those rescue hooves getting back to confirmation.  Happy rescues have healthy hooves!


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