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What is the Hoof Boss?
The Hoof Boss is a power tool designed to assist in the removal of hoof material. The hoof trimmer can quickly trim the hoof wall, sole, and heel. The Hoof Boss is so precise that you can remove hoof slivers as thin as an eggshell. Its accuracy gives you complete control over how much hoof you can remove and ensures that you get a smooth and neat finish every time.
Can trimming with the Hoof Boss lead to better hoof health?
Yes! With proven results for a stronger, cleaner and smoother hoof, the Hoof Boss will not only give you a smooth-to-the-touch finish, but it will also trim overgrown hooves and resolve any abnormal hoof issues. This means there is nowhere for dirt, muck or bacteria to get caught. Because of this, it is less likely that your animal’s hooves will become infected or diseased.
How long does it take to trim a hoof?
The Hoof Boss will significantly reduce the time it takes to trim a hoof. While there is a bit of a learning curve, with experience and a developed level of comfort with the tool, you’re trimming times will begin rapidly decreasing. Most experienced trimmers using the Hoof Boss can trim four hooves in five to nine minutes.
How do you hold the Hoof Boss?
For the greatest control of the Hoof Boss, move the safety tab forward with either your thumb or forefingers (depending on the trimming technique). Press the paddle down while keeping a firm grip on the tool. The tool will feel balanced in your hand and allow you to have full control. Make sure that you do not cover the air vents or locking button when trimming.
I have arthritis in my hands. Is it going to be difficult to hold the Hoof Boss?
Not at all. The Hoof Boss is specifically designed to be small and light, but also powerful, so that you only have to apply the minimum amount of pressure to trim. This takes the pressure off your hands, wrists, and arms when trimming.
How do you practice using the Hoof Boss?
The best way to begin practicing with the Hoof Boss is by using a piece of Cedar or Redwood. These hardwoods have roughly the same density as that of an animal’s hoof.
Can the Hoof Boss be powered by using a DC/AC inverter?
The Hoof Boss pulls one amp / 100 watts of power and can be operated effectively with an inverter plugged into your vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet.
Is the Hoof Boss available for worldwide use?
Yes, the paddle switch model is available in a 110 Volt 50/60HZ model for the North American and Japanese markets and in a 220–240 Volt 50/60HZ model for the European, United Kingdom and Australian markets. Please ensure you have the correct voltage before using the tool. The Hoof Boss is compliant with all EU requirements necessary to bear the CE Marking.
What type of plug comes with the 220v Hoof Boss?
The 220v model is manufactured using three different plugs: a standard two-pin Type C non-grounded European Plug, a standard three-pin Type I non-grounded Australian / New Zealand Plug, a standard three-pin Type G non-grounded United Kingdom Plug.
Is the Hoof Boss loud?
When using the tool, you can expect the same noise level as from a pair of electric clippers or shears (less than 100 decibels). We find that most animals acclimate well to the sound after a couple of uses.
Do you have to clean the Abrasive Disc?
Yes, to maintain the abrasive discs you must keep them clean and free of debris. You may clean the discs with a wire brush and gentle solvent or lightly burn off additional hoof material with a blowtorch. You do NOT need to sharpen the abrasive discs. We recommend replacing your abrasive discs after every 100-500 animals or whenever the grit loses its aggressiveness. When cleaning your abrasive discs please remove them from the tool and use the proper safety equipment.
Is the Hoof Boss safe?
Yes, the Hoof Boss includes many safety features like a safety guard to protect your hands and fingers and a paddle switch which greatly decreases the chance of accidentally turning on the tool. We have never had a chain break, disc crack or tooth come loose from the tool. Not one disc has ever been returned because of a manufacturing defect.
What safety equipment do I need while using the Hoof Boss?
When using the Hoof Boss, you should always wear gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask. The tool should always be plugged into a grounded outlet or GFI extension cord. We recommend wearing a pair of heavy-duty work gloves when using the tool and do not wear loose fitting clothing. In addition, you should wear long legged pants or chaps and closed toed shoes for leg protection. We recommend using a stand or flip chute when trimming. Safety equipment is dependent on the type of animal you are trimming. Always ensure that the animal and leg is safely restrained when trimming.
Does this tool require learning a new trimming technique?
While there is a short learning curve on how to hold and comfortably use the tool, you will not have to learn a new trimming technique. If you are using the 4 tooth chain disc you will use a pulling motion similar to that of a hoof knife.
Does the Hoof Boss have to be plugged in or does it have a battery?
The Hoof Boss comes with an 8-foot long cord. It runs on electricity and therefore it will need to be plugged into an outlet. You can plug it into a grounded electrical outlet, AC/DC adapter, or run it off a generator.
Do I have to change the position of the safety guard?
The safety guard comes pre-positioned at the factory. We suggest you adjust it to find the best fit for you. We recommend using the safety guard between 23 and 90 degrees, as this position is the safest and most comfortable way to hold the tool.
Can I work without a safety guard?
No, Boss Tools will not warranty the tool if you remove the safety guard. The safety guard is there to protect your fingers and hands when trimming. You MUST leave the safety guard on and take all of the necessary safety precautions as recommended on the safety instructions.
Can you trim the frog with the Hoof Boss?
This depends on the condition of the frog. Harder frogs can safely be trimmed with the tool, however, softer frogs are not recommended for trimming with the Hoof Boss. We have found that most customers prefer to use their regular hoof knives in this case.
What is the benefit of using a hoof stand?
Using the Hoof Boss is predominantly a one-handed operation, so using a hoof stand leaves your other hand free for increased balance and support. This means you put less stress on your body, especially your back. It is also safer and easier for both you and the animal.
How do you desensitize an animal to the Hoof Boss?
Start by letting your animal see and smell the Hoof Boss. Next, turn the tool on while in close proximity of the animal. Most animals acclimate to the low noise level quickly. Let the animal feel the vibration of the Hoof Boss by placing the tool in one hand and the other hand on the animal. Finally, touch the Hoof Boss to the animal’s hoof. Stop at any point if the animal is uncomfortable.
Can I plug the Hoof Boss into an extension cord?
Yes, although we recommend making sure everything is properly grounded.
How can I keep the animal from stepping on the power cord?
If you keep yourself between the power supply and the animal, it will be safer and easier to trim without worrying about hazards presented by the power cord.
Do the discs get hot on the hoof during trimming?
Because of their patented designs, the discs generate minimal heat – nothing that would be detrimental to the hoof or painful to the animal.
How do I maintain the chain discs?
You can easily touch up and sharpen the teeth with the diamond-coated file included with your set. However, the tungsten carbide teeth on the chain discs are too hard for a standard file and must be sharpened with a diamond-coated file. This file will also sharpen a standard hoof knife. The chains do not require any other type maintenance.
How many animals can you trim before you have to sharpen the chain disc teeth?
We recommend sharpening the chain disc teeth after every 25 animals to make sure you get the best trim every time. Making sure the teeth are clean and sharp will extend the life of your disc. Depending on the use and maintenance of the chain discs, we recommend replacing your chain every 500-1000 animals.
Is the chain replaceable?
The chains are easy to replace without sending the disc back to us. We recommend having one spare chain on hand. Please watch our instructional video on how to assemble the chains.
Can this be used on any hooved animal?
Absolutely. From a goat to a giraffe, you can use this tool on any hooved animal.
What are the 4 tooth & 6 tooth chain discs made of?
The chain discs are made from a carbon steel, coated with tungsten carbide.
What is the 8 tooth chain disc made of?
The 8 tooth chain disc is composed of carbon steel.
What are the abrasive discs made of?
All of the abrasive discs are made from a tungsten carbide.
What are the grits used on the Goat Discs?
Gold: Fine Grit (Least Aggressive), Blue: Medium Grit, Silver: Coarse Grit (Most Aggressive)
Do all the discs work on the same tool?
All of the discs attach to the Hoof Boss with the exception of the Herd Boss, which attaches to a 4.5” angle grinder.
How do you get the hooves level?
The Hoof Boss uses a gentle cutting (with chain discs) and grinding motion (with abrasive discs) that gives you full control of the depth of cut. You do not have to worry about uneven hooves because the Hoof Boss will give you a smooth clean trim.
Can I use the tool if I am left handed?
Yes and No. The tool is designed for use with the right hand. The disc turns in a counter clockwise motion, and this does not work well for a left hander. While a left-handed person can certainly use the tool, they will, at times, be required to use their right hand as well. The tool is easy to use, which makes the transition easier.

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