The Hoof Boss has revolutionized hoof trimming by its micro-precision cutting ability with little pressure needed to operate the tool. Farriers, farmers, herders and hobbyists claim our tool is a “must have” if you own animals with hooves. Explore our site to find the perfect Hoof Boss set for your animals and purchase a Hoof Boss TODAY!

The Right Hoof Trimmer For The Right Animal

Watch Farm Owner & Customer DAN GREENE Demonstrate Trimming a Goat Hoof using the 8-Tooth Cdisc

How The Cdisc Works

Hoof Boss vs Hand Tools


DeWayne Hall

I’ve been using the Hoof Boss for over a year now. Not only can I trim a goat’s feed faster with less stress on the goat I can also do a much better job corrective trimming.

Chuck Douglas

Wonderful tool, especially if you have multiple horses to take care of. Also, it just takes a few minutes per horse. Boy, is that nice when your old and back can’t take the old traditional way anymore. It does a beautiful job and pays for itself pretty quick.

Paul A. Bobby

Received the trimmer yesterday. It is AMAZING. So easy to use and does a great job. It’s not often you find a product that does what it claims, but this one really does.

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