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Boss-Tools-For-ExoticsThe Answer For More Exotic Applications

The Hoof Boss has been proven to work great for trimming hooves on a variety of common farm animals, but its abilities do not end there. In fact, there are many customers who use the Hoof Boss for more exotic applications, ranging from zoos to wildlife refuge centers. Some of our most prominent clients include the San Diego Zoo and Disney World.

Here are some reasons to consider the Hoof Boss for exotics:

Very Versatile

There is no doubt that one of the most alluring aspects of the Hoof Boss is its high level of versatility. The Hoof Boss can be used to trim the hooves of virtually any animal, and this includes zoo animals, such as elephants, giraffes, llamas, and zebras. With the Hoof Boss, the hoof trimming applications are endless.

Power Options

Much of the hoof trimming that takes place on exotic animals is done using hand trimmers and shears, and this can lead to severe physical fatigue. The Hoof Boss provides a powered option for those who trim hooves and it all but eliminates the necessity for hand tools. With the electrical powered Hoof Boss, there is no need to worry about the hardness of the hoof, as it has no problem cutting through the toughest of materials.

Fast and Efficient

Trimming the hooves of large animals, such as water buffalos and giraffes, can take a significant amount of time. And when you are operating a public facility like a zoo or a sanctuary, time is of the essence. The Hoof Boss will significantly expedite the workflow, no matter how many hooves need to be trimmed. In addition, its versatility means that you will not have to spend time trying to find shears that are of the correct size, as the Hoof Boss will accommodate any hoof.

Pain-Free Hoof Trimming

One of the difficulties that zookeepers and veterinarians often face is the physical pain caused by the hand trimming process. If you suffer from muscular ailments such as arthritis or carpal tunnel, hand trimming can be nearly impossible. With the Hoof Boss’s lightweight build and compact size, it significantly lessens the strain that the trimming process causes to the wrists and lower back.


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