About Us

Our History

Our story begins in 2005 with the development of the Herd Boss, a six tooth, chain disc that’s used in the cow hoof trimming industry. Our research in chain disc technology set the stage for what was to come next. It became obvious that there was a great need for an electric trimming tool that could duplicate or replicate the actions of a hoof knife or pair of hand shears. In 2007, we began research and development of a hand held, extended neck angle grinder, that when paired with the right attachment, could be used to trim hooves. After six years, we had developed a hoof trimming tool that could be used on a multitude of animals. We launched our first trimmer set in 2014 using the brand name Electric Hoof Knife. Our tool is built by hand which allows us to inspect each and every part and connection as the tool is being built. Our employees can reject any part for any reason during assembly if they feel it’s not up to our standards. This results in a tool that will stand up to the rigors of hoof trimming. We strongly believe that with proper care and maintenance, our tool will last you for years. We launched the Hoof Boss in August, 2017. Our upgraded tool incorporates the numerous improvements in performance and reliability developed using feedback from our customers. This tool also introduces our newest innovation, the lever action paddle switch, for instant on and off.

Why The Name Change?

Sadly, we’ve come to a point in today’s world where a word like Electric Hoof “Knife” can be a detriment to a business. We loved the name, it came from our customers, but we knew that we would have to change our product name. With the introduction of the new improved tool, this gave us a great opportunity to rename and rebrand our trimming tool. Same company. Same great people.

The Best Hoof Trimming Tool on the Market

At Boss Tools, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers and it is our priority to ensure that every need is met. We are continually using the feedback from our customers to further create better products and implements for the hoof trimming industry. If you have any questions about Boss Tools or our electric trimming tool, the Hoof Boss, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.