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The Hoof Boss is the revolutionary electric trimming knife that allows animal owners to quickly and effortlessly trim hooves. Save countless hours trimming hooves the safe way.
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Efficient. Durable. Safe.

At 11.5 inches long and weighing just over a pound, the Hoof Boss is designed to fit perfectly in the hand, making it comfortable to use for an extended period of time. Using chain disc technology, this tool effortlessly glides through any hoof while the abrasive discs smooth and finish off the hoof.

Patented Paddle

The Hoof Boss comes with a paddle switch that allows you more control of the overall power and performance of the tool.

  • Instant on and off control.
  • Convenient and safe operation.
  • Designed for comfort so you can trim longer.
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The Herd Boss: Pain-Free Trimming For Cow Herds

The Herd Boss is a lightweight rotary trimming disc that uses chain disc technology to decrease the wrist, arm and upper body pain that usually accompanies hoof trimming. This trimming disc is specifically designed for large cow herds.

Herd Boss Features

The Right Hoof Trimmer For The RIght Animal

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I’ve been a hoof trimmer for twenty-six years. I started using The Hoof Boss because I was using regular hoof knives. The Hoof Boss took the fatigue away from my wrists and I’ve gotten a lot better looking result with it than from the regular hoof knives.

As far as the hooves, they are a lot cleaner, and a lot easier to trim even at their worst. It is a whole lot better looking and functional for me. It’s probably the friendliest thing that I’ve found, because it does the work for you. You get it so much cleaner and flatter around your white lines.

The Hoof Boss is the only tool I’ll use.

– Glenn Rowland

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