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If the feedback from the many folks who have tested the tool is any indication of what it can do compared to the plug in version, you are NOT going to be disappointed. We would like to take this time to thank all the “Techy” people and those out in the field testing it on all shapes and sizes of hooves, without which, we could not make the Best Tool Ever for trimming hooves!

Hey! What gives? The battery is not on the tool.

When we first started to develop a battery option for the Hoof Boss, we considered ways to attach the battery directly. We looked at various configurations and battery types but no matter what we tried, it compromised the stability of the Hoof Boss tool.

It threw off the balance of the Hoof Boss, was bulky, not easy to control in tight spaces and it was too heavy. One of the best qualities of the Hoof Boss is its lightweight.

Realizing that a battery attached to the tool would not work, we decided to create a system that uses an easily accessible battery.

Birth of the Battery Holster

We designed a lightweight holster for a rechargeable battery commonly used for power tools. The holster is connected to the Hoof Boss using a specially designed “center coiled” power cord. This unique feature keeps the cord tout between the battery and the tool and out of the way when in use.

The holster can be worn on your belt, your apron or attached to your toolbox.

The Battery

Type: Lithium-Ion
Voltage: 20V
Capacity: Any size capacity (Ah) battery can be used.
Manufacturer: The Hoof Boss Mobile holster accepts either a Dewalt® brand 20V rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery or a compatible Dewalt® style 20V Lithium-Ion rechargeable replacement battery available from various manufacturers. DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206

Our choice to use a well-recognized name brand battery gives our customers sizing options and a strong likelihood of already owning such a battery.

More Powerful Motor

The new motor has 25% more power than the original. That goes for both the mobile option or the plug-in. It has a greater torque rating and increased stall speed. What does that mean to you?

Our field testers explain it best:

There are times when trimming, especially horses, that you encounter some very rough, cut up areas where the hoof wall meets the soul area. When using the original hoof boss, the tool would sometimes snag or stall in these areas. You could trim the area but it wasn’t as smooth and effortless as you would expect.  

We found that with the increased power we have enough torque to easily overcome the snagging and stalling.

Faster Motor

Because the motor is more powerful, it runs 25% faster! This in turn makes the trimming disc rotate 25% faster.   Our group of field associates reported that with the new faster motor the task of trimming has become noticeably faster and easier to complete. They also mentioned that the new motor provided a much smoother trimming experience.


We have finally eliminated that pesky, always in the way, hold down button. With the button gone, the trimming discs are now changed out using a specially designed Attachment Wrench included in all sets.


The Hoof Boss Mobile has been designed to attach to your belt, your toolbox or your apron or any other place you can think to attach it to.



We’re here to help.  Whether you have questions about the new Hoof Boss Mobile or are ready to order please call us TOLL FREE: 1-877-320-8203

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