Cdisc – How Does it Work?

Cdisc – How Does it Work?

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The creators of the Hoof Boss hoof trimming tool began the hoof trimming revolution by first re-engineering the DNA of the chainsaw blade.  We took the original shape of the chainsaw blade and reshaped it, making it round.  We then resized it with a cutter tooth designed specially to cut the density of a hoof.  Next, we made the chainsaw blade smaller with a 2” diameter which then created a new set of rules of physics.  Now, our revolutionized, re-engineered chainsaw blade was no longer a chainsaw blade, but a round Chain Disc, or “Cdisc”.

Our newly created Cdisc can now rest directly against a hoof and not engage which makes trimming hooves safer and more comfortable for both the animal and user.  This unique design of the raker enables the cutter tooth to bounce ever so slightly which then restricts the tooth from engaging with the hoof.  It feels like it is floating.  We call this, getting the “feel” or “touch” for the tool.

In order to make the Cdisc cut, you just apply a little pressure to the tool, overcoming the bounce and engaging the tool with the hoof.  The way you hold the tool, the pressure you apply, and the way you move the Cdisc across the hoof all creates a different cut.  This entire process is what we call developing your “technique”.

The Hoof Boss provides the power and speed to operate the Cdisc.  Our hoof trimming tool’s deign is a balance between weight, shape, length, width, and weight distribution.  It rests easy in your hand, and just feels right.

Farriers, farmers, herders, and hobbyists across the globe all affirm that the Hoof Boss is an essential part of their animal’s hoof care.  The Hoof Boss is easier on the user and gentler on the animal.  Be a part of hoof care revolution.  GET A HOOF BOSS TODAY!