Animal House - The Farm Stay Vacation

Animal House - The Farm Stay Vacation

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The term vacation can mean just about anything to anyone depending on the person and their personality.  Some people prefer staycations which are vacations where you just stay home and enjoy your time away from work.  Other people’s idea of a vacation is packing a bag, jumping on a plane and traveling to some far away destination for lots of excitement and exotic adventure.  For some, getting a chance to take a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday work and family life can mean slowing down to unplug from the modern world and to get back to basics while unwinding at a farm stay destination.  The farm stay vacation concept is quite new in the US, but has been a well known vacation destination throughout much of Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  A farm stay vacation at a working farm lets you get back to nature by allowing the visitor to fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the day to day operations of a real working farm.  Vacationers get a chance to participate in various farm activities from milking cows, to helping gather fresh eggs, to picking the produce for their meals fresh from the farm’s garden.

Toddy Pond Farm, located in Monroe, Maine is a 500+ acre working dairy farm and farm vacation destination location.  This dairy farm has more than Jersey and Guernsey cows.  They also have East Friesian Dairy sheep, chickens, goats, rabbits, and pigs.  Along with the farm animals, they also have honey bees.  Guests at this working farm can stop by and see how the dairy cows are milked every morning at 8AM.  The cows aren’t the only animal this farm gets milk from.  Their East Friesian sheep also produce milk and are the highest milk producing dairy sheep.  Toddy Pond Farm uses all of that milk to make kefir, ice cream, and yogurt.  You can buy all of these wonderful locally milked and made milk products in the farm store.  Along with the yummy milk products, they also sell 100% grass fed beef, woodland pork, lamb, pasture raised chicken, and raw honey from the Toddy Pond Farm honey bees.  Guests are provided accommodations in a restored cottage on the property that overlooks the farm.  Your accommodations which are surrounded by pastures and woodlands, keep you in the feel of the country life style.  From the front screened in porch of the cottage, visitors can see flocks of sheep and herds of dairy cows grazing in the nearby pastures.

For a farm stay vacation that makes you feel like you’ve gone to another country, try visiting Shepherd’s Cross, located in Claremore, Oklahoma.  This working farm is located in the idyllic, peaceful setting with an English countryside atmosphere complete with roaming sheep.  Visitors staying at Shepherd’s Cross get to learn about sheepherding as well as enjoy the sights of the grass free, free ranging sheep roaming this property’s pastures.  Along with enjoying the views, visitors of Shepherd’s Cross can tour their Wool Mill, the Farm Museum, and visit the Education Farm Silo.  This farm also has a wool shop where products made from 100% wool from the sheep at Shepherd’s Cross are sold.  You can purchase hand woven blankets, woven and knit apparel, batts, felt pelts, hand dyed yarns and fibers, and even more wool products.  The Farm Shop, also located on the property, provides for sale Amish jam, jellies, sweet treats, local honey nuts, and butters.

If you’re planning your next vacation and need a break from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern world, consider unplugging and checking into a farm stay vacation.  Farm stay vacations give guests the opportunity to get back to the basics of life by getting in touch with where their food comes from and the quietness of nature to rest and recharge from.  Retreating into the quite of nature and interacting with animals in a bucolic wooded environment helps quite the mind.  Farm stay vacations are great ideas for families, too.  Kids of all ages can find something to enjoy from learning how to milk a cow, or sheep, to picking their very own fruits and vegetables for their meals, to seeing how food is grown in a garden.  Farm stay vacations are a great vacation idea and are all inclusive in that there is something for everybody no matter the age.  Get back to basics and book you farm stay vacation today.

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