Goat Myths

Goat Myths

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Goats are beautiful and sometimes misunderstood.  We'd like to address some unfortunate goat myths in order to help educate the public.Goats Eat Tin Cans

Well, they are curious and playful and will chew on most anything. But tin cans…not so much.

No Fence Can Hold a Goat

A good fence will keep goats contained as long as they cannot easily go under or jump over.

Goats Stink

Only non-castrated bucks stink! And, well, they can stink up the place.

Only Bucks Have Horns

Nope, the ladies can sport horns too! Only genetically hornless goats have no horns

Goat Milk and Meat Tastes Bad

Like people, what the goat eats can change the taste of their milk. Milk and meat from well-bred goat is quite tasty.