Goat's Milk ~ Not Just for Drinking

Goat's Milk ~ Not Just for Drinking

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GMO, non-GMO, organic, free-range, all natural, and chemical free are all terms that most of us have grown accustomed to seeing when reading the labels of the food that we put in our bodies.  The closer the food is to being all natural, the better it is for us and our health.  But, what about what we put on our bodies, on our skin?  It seems now-a-days that even though we are trying to do a better job about what we put in our bodies, we also need to consider what we put ON our bodies.  Our skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense against all of the chemicals, pollutions, and irritants we come into contact with every day.  Most of us don’t really give a second thought about what is in the products we use to maintain our skin, if we use any at all.  Goat milk is a great way to maintain the integrity of our skin in that it has so many wonderful benefits for the skin that even Cleopatra used to bathe in it.

Goat milk is nature’s all in one skin care product.  It naturally contains an alpha hydroxyl acid also known as lactic acid which helps to gently sough off dead skin cells revealing healthier skin.  This magic milk also has the precious skin mineral selenium which neutralizes free radicals and other skin-damaging compounds helping to prevent the formation of wrinkles.  Selenium is similar to vitamin E and works with it to protect cell membranes from breaking down which helps in slowing the signs of aging. 

It also contains the most important vitamin for the skin, vitamin A.  Vitamin A protects against UV damage and also slows the signs of aging.  It also protects against infection and encourages healthy skin cell production.  This wonder vitamin A also smoothes wrinkles, evens skin tone, clears up acne, and according to COMO Living, and helps prevent skin cancer. 

This magic milk is also loaded with vitamin C which also evens out skin tone, makes your complexion brighter, and helps soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Paula’s Choice has some additional information of the benefits of vitamin C for your skin. 

Goat milk also contains vitamin B and B12.  Vitamin B is one of the best vitamins for your skin and can help improve the condition of the appearance of the skin by diminishing redness and dark spots.  It can help with rosacea, acne, aging skin, hyper pigmentation, dermatitis, sun-damage, and eczema. Vitamin B-12, which helps regulate the production of pigment in the skin, helping to prevent dark spots, is also found in goat milk.  The B vitamins are an essential element in the quest for good skin care and Tri-City Medical Center has some additional great vitamin B skin health information. 

Vitamin E is another major skin care vitamin found in goat milk.  This wonder vitamin is an antioxidant that is very effective in reducing UV damage to the skin which helps protect your skin from damage from the sun.  Canyon Ranch explains that vitamin E is so very important to the health of your skin in that your skin contains more E than any other nutrient.  It is the main vitamin in maintaining the youthfulness of your complexion. 

Goat milk is also a great moisturizer for the skin in that it contains glycerin which softens the skin.  As this milk has a pH level very close to the pH level of human skin, it allows the cream in the milk to be easily absorbed into and moisturizing the skin.

Spring is slowly turning into summer.  Sleeves and hems are getting shorter exposing more skin.  Help keep your skin protected, moisturized, and healthy year round by treating it right with goat milk.