National Farriers Week: Farriers are Family

National Farriers Week: Farriers are Family

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If you have a horse, then you probably have your farrier’s number stored on your cell phone.  Farriers are a cornerstone to equine life and BOSS TOOLS is celebrating with the rest of the nation in honoring these professionals during National Farriers Week!

How long have farriers spanned across the globe as professionals, and when & how long ago did the shoeing business come about?  The Farrier’s Guide elaborates more on this topic, as farriery has an extensive and interesting history.  We collected some of these estimates on how and when farriery came about below:

  • 40 BC - Evidence suggests Egyptians, Persians and Japanese sandals were woven for hoof boots to increase traction and protect hooves from extreme conditions.

  •  During the Roman Empire the “hipposandle” was used.  Leather straps or a leather boot tied a metal plate to the bottom of the hoof for warrior horses.

  • 400-600 AD – a few tombs during this time have now been discovered with horses wearing metal shoes.  Nails were also used alone for traction when driven halfway into the hoof.

  • 1066 – William the Conqueror brought his own team of blacksmiths with him to England from France. It is believed that generations later the British brought that skill to the United States.  These blacksmiths came from a Celtic background and are thought to be the originators of the European farrier movement.

  • 1096 – During the Crusades, written evidence was found of a profession, introduced by the British, that affixed shoes to hooves for cavalry.

  • 1751 – The word “farrier” evolved from the Latin word “Ferraius,” which means ironworker & the French word “Ferrer,” which means to shoe a horse.

Skill in the trade began to increase, as did the need throughout the centuries and decades.  The iron horseshoe began to be mass produced and so unions for this trade were also formed.  Next came apprenticeships and schools, and then finally accreditations for farriers.  Now we have a global network of these finely tuned professionals that are increasing hoof health, improving techniques and engaging in friendly competitions across the globe.  Farriers are family to most farmers.

What will you do to give your farrier some extra appreciation this week?  Maybe a glass of ice-cold sweet tea, a gas card, or take time to thank them personally for all they do for you.  Happy National Farriers Week y’all!