The Hoof Boss and the Ontario Veterinary College

The Hoof Boss and the Ontario Veterinary College

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Recently, we received a call from Jeff Rua, a professor at the Ontario Veterinary College in Canada. He was contacting us to inquire about our tool, the Hoof Boss. He explained that he was faced with a couple issues regarding hooves at the College’s DMV program and he hoped our tool may solve his problems.

When teaching students at the college about hoof disease, all the lab work involved traditional hand tools. He said that the students were distracted by the inconvenience of manual hand tools and the physical strength required to use them. Consequently, after graduating from school the students were not offering the services related to hooves due to the burden of using the tools. This was also creating an issue for the ranchers who could not find veterinarians to deal with hoof disease.

After speaking with Jeff for almost an hour, Allen DeWolf (CEO of Boss Tools) suggested that he try a Hoof Boss and see if it could offer him a solution to his problem. Jeff gladly accepted Allen’s offer and a cow trimming set was shipped off to the Ontario Veterinary College.

Upon receiving the tool, Jeff evaluated it extensively and it became obvious to him that the tool was going to work well for his needs. Jeff then showed the students how to use the Hoof Boss, and they could tell right away that the powered tool was much easier than using manual tools. The fact that they could accomplish the same task in less time and with much less physical demand was exactly what they needed to be able to focus on learning.

The next call we got from Jeff, he gave us a purchase order for 14 tool sets to be used in the lab at the school. We were simply delighted to hear such a great report from Jeff and we continue to supply the college with accessories, parts and additional tools as needed.