Tips for Potbelly Pig Owners

Tips for Potbelly Pig Owners

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Caring for a potbelly pig can be incredibly rewarding. They’re kind, intelligent, and affectionate animals, each with their own personalities and quirks. But not practicing proper pig care can quickly turn this rewarding experience into a difficult one. Here are tips all potbelly pig owners need to know to keep their pigs happy and healthy.

1. Be careful not to overfeed your pig

Potbelly pigs can easily become overweight, which is why it’s crucial that you strictly limit food and treats. Remember that pigs are especially food motivated, and it’s not unusual for a pig to act hungry when they want an extra treat. You only need to feed them 1 to 2 cups of food per day.

2. Make friends with your pig

The first thing new pig owners should do is nurture a bond with their pig. Although pot belly pigs are usually kind animals, they can show signs of aggression when they are afraid or faced with an unfamiliar person. The best way new pig owners can be friendly with their new pet is to use food.

You don’t want to overdo it and become a “goody dispenser”. You only want to give treats sparingly. You can also give your pig a good scratch or massage. Many pigs love to be cuddled and scratched by their humans.

3. Keep your pig’s hooves trimmed

Hoof trimming is essential for making sure you have a healthy pet pig. Hoof trimming is usually an aspect of pig care that new pig owners avoid because it seems intimidating, but neglecting to trim your pig’s hooves regularly can increase their risk for injury and infection. Try using a powered hoof trimmer to make grooming easier.

4. Give your pig shade and water on hot days

Potbelly Pigs don’t sweat, so they may need some help cooling down. Potbelly pigs dissipate heat through their body and using kiddie pools, or other cool surfaces can go a long way in helping them escape the heat.

If you use a kiddie pool, try putting it in an area with soil. Your potbelly pig will naturally want to muddy up the area and cover its skin with a layer of soil. This acts as a natural sunblock and can help keep your pig cool in the Summer months.

5. Give your pig a companion

Pigs are social animals and will likely start showing behavioral problems when they don’t have a companion. They need the mental and physical stimulation that only another pig can provide, and because pigs are prey animals, they need other pigs to feel safe.

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