Complete Sheep Electric Hoof Trimming Set

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The Complete Sheep Hoof Care Trimming Set will handle any sheep’s hoof: large, small, overgrown, rock hard, problem or even the hooves of a show animal.

The Trimming Set comes with the Electric, Plug-In, 110 volt , Hoof Boss. 
The set includes 2 abrasive discs, the Blue Medium Grit Flat Disc and 2 8-tooth Cdisc. These discs are designed for larger sheep with hard hooves.

From the Fine Grit Flap Disc Sander to the 8-Tooth Chain Disc we’ve got you covered. This set includes all of the discs that we normally recommend to our sheep people. Your sheep will never look better and their hooves will have never been healthier.

But if you have a ranch or a farm full of all kinds of hooved animals, let us recommend the Trim–It–All set. It has 10 abrasive discs and 2 chain discs. We recommend this set to zoos, rescue shelters and petting zoos to mention a few. You can trim goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cows, horses and even llamas and alpacas. We have even had ranchers use it on yaks. If it has a hoof, you can trim it with this set.

Your Tool Comes With

8 - Tooth Chain Replacement


Blue Medium Grit Disc


Silver Coarse Grit Disc


50 Grit Flap Disc Sander


Diamond Coated File


Disc Daddy


Hoof Boss Techniques for Sheep

Trimming a Seven Month Old Sheep

Customer Testimonials

"Following your instructions on the CD, both horses were acclimated to the hoof knife in less than 15 minutes. I’m 66 years old and it took me about 30 minutes to trim the first horse. I’m used to trimming one hoof, wait 20 minutes to ease my back, then 30 minutes to the next hoof, wait again… you see the problem. With The Hoof Boss I didn’t need to rest from one hoof to the next. I can’t thank you enough for developing such a great product."

– Beverly Forrester

"I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you how happy I am with my new 20 v tool. I trimmed 5 of my horses on Sunday and it worked great. I get them done faster and everyone is happy. I had actually stopped using the corded tool because of cord management issues with fidgety horses so I am really happy that you came out with the mobile tool. Thanks for making my life easier."

– David Schmidt