Silver Coarse Grit Disc

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The Silver Coarse Grit Disc is a 2" diameter flat steel disc coated with a heat infused heavy tungsten carbide CG grit. The Silver Disc is the most aggressive abrasive disc we have. This disc was designed for the toughest of hooves or animals that are infrequently trimmed and have overgrown, long, unruly hooves in both goats and sheep. All of our abrasive discs are designed to eliminate heat buildup on the hoof. If material build-up occurs on the disc, waste is easily removed using a small propane burner, brass metal brush and cleaning solvent.

In the cases where our most aggressive abrasive disc is struggling to get the job done we recommend looking at the 8-tooth chain disc. It"™s the fastest and most aggressive trimming disc we have for goats, pigs and sheep.