Battery for Hoof Boss Mobile

Name:        Dewalt®
Type:           Lithium-Ion
Voltage:    20V USA 18V International
Capacity:  Any size amp hour (Ah) capacity battery can be used.

Model Numbers:
20V USA DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206
18V International – DCB180, DCB181, DCB182, DCB183, DCB184, DCB185

The Dewalt® Brand Battery is available worldwide from numerous local stores and the internet. Available either OEM or Replacement.

Choosing The Right Amp Hour (Ah) Rated Battery

There are two considerations when choosing the battery.

1. The size of the battery in amp hours (Ah)
Sizes range from 1.0Ah through 8.0Ah.
 The higher the Ah rating the longer the tool will operate before the battery requires a recharge.

2. The weight of the battery.
The size and weight of the battery increase as the amp hour rating increases. Example: 2Ah weighs 12oz (0.75lb) 5Ah weighs 22oz (1lb 6oz) Battery weight is a consideration if you plan to wear the battery.

Case Study / Battery Life

Lee McMillian, Florida
Professional Farrier, 40 years. Lee has been using the Hoof Boss for the past 7 years and was the first to test the battery powered Mobile version. Lee trims an average of 60+/- horses a week and likes the idea of wearing the battery. It fits his style of trimming. The condition of the horse hooves during 


this test were dry andextremely hard. No measurable amounts of rain for months. When Lee first tested the Hoof Boss Mobile, he was wearing the battery and using a 5Ah Dewalt battery. The battery life was excellent. It lasted about 4 days, trimming about 60 horses before needing to be re-charged. The downside was the weight of the battery; it made it uncomfortable to wear.

Lee changed to a 1.5Ah battery, lighter weight but it requires frequent re-charging. He found the 1.5Ah battery would last for about 4+/- horses / 16 hooves. To meet his needs Lee carries multiple batteries and a charger in his truck. Lee said he liked the lighter weight and “having to stop and replace the battery every few horses gives me a nice little break”. When Lee notices that the tool is beginning to slow down, he will change the battery.

Peter Tishbourne, Canada
Professional Farrier, 35 years. Peter uses a roll around shoeing box when he trims and that’s where he keeps the Hoof Boss Mobile and battery. The tool is always within arm’s length. Battery weight was not a problem so he chose to use a 6Ah battery. Peter works with about 70 horses a week and finds the battery size to be sufficient for how he operates. Peter charges the battery on the weekends.

Boss Tools is Not Licensed to Sell or Ship Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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