Horse Hoof Video Tutorials

Develop Your Trimming Style Peter Tishbourne, Professional Farrier, Canada

Peter Tishbourne shares his unique approach to using the Hoof Boss. Peter uses a who hand reverse grip that he developed. It fits his trimming style

Cadaver Hoof / University of Florida Resident Farrier

This demonstration utilizes a dry, hard cadaver hoof. The video enables you to see the Cdisc removing hoof material in both slow motion and close-ups.

Hoof Boss vs Manual Tools

Lee McMillan is showing the steps that one takes when trimming by hand compared to trimming with the Hoof Boss. You’ll see Lee struggle with the hand tools, but to fair, Lee just doesn’t really keep his hoof knife and nippers as sharp as he has in the past.

Red Power Rasp – Miniatures

The Red Power Rasp is an abrasive trimming disc that removes hoof material by grinding the hoof. Non-invasive andsafe way to trim. Disc will not heat up the hoof. The disc is ideal for use on Miniatures and Ponies.

Red Power Rasp – Draft Horse

Another example of the versatility of the Red Power Rasp as it is used to finish and dress up a Draft Horse hoof.

Using the Hoof Boss / Cdisc to Reduce the Need for Nippers

Video shows the correct way to approach the horse hoof. You want to work the sole area, from the frog out to the hoof wall. This will help reduce the need for nippers.

Using the Hoof Boss / Lee McMillian, Farrier, Trimming a Draft Horse