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Basic Goat Hoof Trimming Set

The Hoof Boss Basic Goat Hoof Care Set is designed to meet the needs of most meat and milk goat owners who maintain a small number of animals.

The Trimming Set consists of your choice of either the Electric, Plug-In, 110 volt or the Mobile Battery Powered, 20 volt, Hoof Boss. (Battery and charger are not included)

Removing hoof material is accomplished by either cutting or removing the material through abrasion. The 8-tooth Cdisc is used to cut material from the hoof easily removing hoof fold. The Cdisc produces a fast, smooth, precise, controllable cut. There are two abrasive trimming discs; both are used to remove hoof material through abrasion. The Blue medium grit-trimming disc is used on animals that could be small hooved or regularly maintained goats that do not require a lot of work to bring the hoof back to confirmation. The Blue medium-grit disc is used when treating a foundered goat. The Silver Coarse Grit Trimming Disc is best suited for medium to large goat breeds like Boer Goats. Choice of trimming disc will depend on the circumstances surrounding the goat.

 Hoof Boss is available in two models, Hoof Boss (plug-in electric) and Hoof Boss Mobile (battery powered).  BATTERY NOT INCLUDED.   


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