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Complete Goat Hoof Care/ Trimming Set

The Complete Goat Hoof Care Set is designed around goat owners who are involved in multiple aspects of goat ranching.

The Trimming Set consists of your choice of either the Electric, Plug-In, 110 volt or the Mobile Battery Powered, 20 volt, Hoof Boss. (Battery and charger are not included)  The set contains a mixture of different types of discs.

Removing hoof material is accomplished by either cutting or removing the material through abrasion. The 8-tooth Cdisc is used to cut material from the hoof easily removing hoof flap. The Cdisc produces a fast, smooth, controllable cut. The 8 tooth Cdisc would also be the choice for trimming large herds of goats.

There are three abrasive trimming discs used to remove hoof material through abrasion. The Gold fine grit abrasive disc is used on smaller goats with less to trim or for a first time trim. The Blue medium grit abrasive disc is used on goats that have small to standard size hooves or regularly maintained hooves that do not require a lot of work to bring them back to confirmation. The Blue medium-grit disc is also used when treating a foundered goat. The Silver coarse grit abrasive disc is best suited for medium to large goat breeds like Boer Goats. Choice of trimming disc will be dependent on the environment and current condition of the goat’s hooves.

The Trimmer itself is designed to help ease the wrist and hand pain associated with hoof trimming and is easily operated with one hand.

 Hoof Boss is available in two models, Hoof Boss (plug-in electric) and Hoof Boss Mobile (battery powered).  BATTERY NOT INCLUDED.   


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