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Complete Horse Hoof Care / Trimming Set

The Hoof Boss Complete Hoof Care Set is designed for horse owners, veterinarians, zoo keepers and professional farriers among others who are more engaged with the animals’ hooves other than doing regular maintenance trimming and shoeing.

The Trimming Set consists of your choice of either the Electric, Plug-In, 110 volt or the Mobile Battery Powered, 20 volt, Hoof Boss. (Battery and charger are not included) The set has a mix of different types of discs used for laminitis type issues such as sole abscesses, white line, and hoof wall cracks.

The 4-tooth Cdisc removes hoof material in almond size slivers as thin as an eggshell, making it effective for the successfully treatment of foundered horses. The Red Disc is used as a rasp to smooth and finish the hoof after trimming. The Orange Heavy Grit Abrasive Disc is used for hooves that are in extremely bade shape. The Black Cut-Off disc is used to cut nail heads off or outline the area for a resection. The Flap Disc Sanders can be used to buff the hoof in preparation for glue on boots. The green “V” groove disc is used for hoof wall resections and prepping for hoof casts.

The Trimmer is ergonomically designed to help ease the wrist and hand pain associated with hoof trimming. The Trimmer is lightweight and easily operated with one hand. It has a powerful motor that provides a safe, fast, and smoother trimming experience.

 Hoof Boss is available in two models, Hoof Boss (plug-in electric) and Hoof Boss Mobile (battery powered).  BATTERY NOT INCLUDED.   


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