Basic Pig Hoof Care Electric Trimming Set

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The Basic Pig Hoof Trimming Set is designed for the owners who self-trim their own animals. This set is ideal for maintaining a small number of animals trimmed on a regular schedule.

This Trimming Set includes the electric plug-in, 110 volt version of the Hoof Boss trimmer. You will also find two tungsten carbide abrasive trimming discs and two 50-grit flap disc sanding discs.

The basic set contains all the trimming discs required to meet your basic trimming and hoof maintenance needs for your animal. The Blue Medium Grit Flat Disc is used to trim the sole and hoof wall area with the Green V-groove Flat Disc being called into use to trim between the toes. The 50-Grit Flap Sanding Discs are used to trim the dewclaw and shape the hoof.

The Hoof Boss Trimmer is ergonomically designed to help ease the wrist and hand pain associated with trimming your pets’ hooves with hand shears, and it is easily operated with one hand leaving the other hand to wrestle that animals’ ever moving leg.

Your Tool Comes With

Disc Daddy


Blue Medium Grit Disc


50 Grit Flap Disc Sander


Green "V" Groove Disc


Diamond Coated File


Hoof Boss Techniques for Trimming Pigs


Customer Testimonials

"I was apprehensive about spending $260 on this, but it was worth every penny. It’s like a dremmel on steroids. We have an older pig that was becoming very problematic about letting us trim his hooves. This was delivered literally this morning and we flipped him and had them all done in like 5 minutes. It came with an attachment for overgrown hooves, as well as shaping and maintenance. There are more heads you can order separately also. Maybe this will help someone out there with a difficult piggie. "

– Pumba118

"I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you how happy I am with my new 20 v tool. I trimmed 5 of my horses on Sunday and it worked great. I get them done faster and everyone is happy. I had actually stopped using the corded tool because of cord management issues with fidgety horses so I am really happy that you came out with the mobile tool. Thanks for making my life easier."

– David Schmidt