How to Choose a Veterinarian for Your Horse

How to Choose a Veterinarian for Your Horse

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Choosing a Veterinarian: How to Vet a Vet

Choosing a vet for your horse is serious business. If you want the best care for your horse and want to ensure they stay happy and healthy, you need someone you can trust. Here’s everything you need to know about looking for a vet and choosing the right one for you.

Where to look for a vet?

Not all vets treat large animals. After leaving veterinarian school, they usually specialize in either large or small animals, but some do both. If you need an equine vet, you need to find someone who specializes in large animals and has extensive experience caring for them.

Look online

Find as many veterinarians in your area and narrow down the best ones by location, services, and pricing. Once you do, you can begin calling each one and asking questions about the specifics of your needs. After reviewing a vet by phone and online, make an appointment to see if you would like to continue working with them.

Ask people you know

The best way to vet a vet is to ask people you know for recommendations. It’s always best to ask people you trust compared to relying on online reviews because they can sometimes be unreliable.

How much will a vet cost?

Each vet will have varying prices based on location, the services they offer, and their range of expertise. But the cost of a vet visit is mainly affected by whether you’re working with a mobile vet or visiting their facility. Here are the pros and cons between the two.

Mobile vet


  • You don’t have to move your horse from your farm or barn

  • Keep injured or sick horses more comfortable

  • More convenient


  • More expensive

  • Less equipment

  • Treatment may require an in-house visit

In-house vet


  • Flexibility with treatment

  • Diagnostic tools on hand

  • Cheaper than a mobile vet


  • You need to travel

  • Difficult with an injured horse

  • Less convenient for busy pet owners

Services that vets offer

Vets play a significant role in keeping your horse healthy with regular checkups, vaccinations, wound care, prescribed medications, and emergency visits. Depending on the location of your horse and your transportation equipment, you can choose between a veterinarian who does mobile treatment or in-house treatment.

What to look for in a vet?

Your vet needs to have good interpersonal skills with both you and your animal, this is important when choosing a vet for your horse. They will continue to give you vital information on caring for your horse, evaluating its health, and making personalized recommendations for maintenance and hygiene.

You want to look for three main factors in your veterinarian to ensure you are the best fit for each other.

  1. Location of practice

  2. Experience

  3. Facilities and equipment

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