Caring for Goats Year Round — How to Keep Them Happy

Caring for Goats Year Round — How to Keep Them Happy

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Goats are wonderful animals to have around the house or farm. They all have their own unique personalities that many of us can quickly fall in love with. So it’s only natural that we would want to know everything we can about caring for goats and keeping them happy. Here’s how you can keep your goat happy and healthy all year.

Always give your goat a companion

You should always have two or more goats. Goats are herd animals and can become extremely lonely when they don’t have another goat to keep them company. In the wild, a herd can grow as big as 20 goats.

However, you also have to balance the number of goats you want with space and resources you have. Goats need areas to browse, and if they are too densely populated inside a small space, they can eat too much vegetation and turn to destructive behaviors.

How much human interaction do goats require?

Although goats can be relatively low maintenance pets, they still require regular feeding and wellness checks. Any number of environmental factors or even goat behaviors can affect your goat’s ability to be left alone for any length of time. Fencing can become damaged, they may become sick or injured, and access to food and water can be interrupted.

We all know goats will eat almost anything, which is bad news if you leave them alone for too long. These little guys can decide to become adventurous with their diet, eating plants from your garden, or damaging areas of your property. This is a big reason why you cannot leave your goats alone for too long.

Goat hygiene and maintenance tips

Brush your goat regularly. Regular brushing can increase blood flow and should be done especially around late spring to early summer when they are shedding.
Check your goat’s skin when brushing. Now is a great time to take a closer look at any possible signs of illness, swelling, or abnormalities.
Bathing your goat makes grooming easier. Bathing isn’t necessarily essential to maintaining goat hygiene, but it softens up the hair and reduces the presence of pests.
Trim your goat’s hair after the winter. Doing so will make grooming easier, deter pests, and make them more comfortable in the heat.

Hoof trimming and grooming

Hoof trimming needs to become an essential part of your routine for caring for goats. If you neglect your goat’s hooves, it can lead to serious problems down the road like lameness, infections, pain, and contagious hoof rot that can spread to other goats in the herd.

It’s important to have a quality set of hoof trimming tools to keep up with the regular maintenance that’s required to keep their hooves in good shape. With high-quality tools, you can get the job done easier, save money, and will be more willing to do it regularly.

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