The Importance of Hoof Care for Exotic Animals

The Importance of Hoof Care for Exotic Animals

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Hoofed animals can be found on every continent and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From the tiny chevrotain to the massive African elephant, all hooved animals share one common trait: they rely on their feet for mobility and healthy feet are essential for these animals to move about and live an active life. Zoo keepers, farmers and care givers must be aware of the different hoof care needs for each type of animal. Below we go into why it's important for exotic animals to have proper hoof care, including some of the most common exotic hooved animals and what you need to know about their hoof care needs.

Common exotic animals that have hooves

Zebras are perhaps the best-known exotic hooved animal, and their stunning stripes make them a popular choice for zoos and safari parks. Other favored exotic hooved animals include giraffes, antelope, buffalo, elephants, and rhinoceroses. These animals all have different coats, patterns, and skin types, but they share the common trait of having hooves instead of paws. Their hooves provide them with good traction for running and leaping. This makes them well-suited for life in the wild or in captivity, when properly cared for.

Proper Hoof Care for Exotic Animals 

Proper hoof care is essential for the health of exotic animals. Hooves provide support and protection for the feet, and if they are not properly cared for, a few problems can arise. For example, cracked or damaged hooves can lead to infection, lameness, and even arthritis. In addition, overgrown hooves can cause your animal to trip and fall, which can lead to serious injuries. Regular trimming of the hooves will help to prevent these problems and keep your exotic animals healthy and happy. Here are some tips on how to provide proper hoof care:

Inspect hooves regularly: Inspect your exotic animal's hooves regularly for any cracks or damage. If you notice any problems, be sure to contact a veterinarian right away for guidance on how to best treat them.

Trim hooves regularly: Trimming your exotic animal's hooves on a regular basis is essential for keeping them healthy. You'll want to use a good quality hoof trimmer specifically designed for the job. We recommend the Hoof Boss.

Keep hooves clean: Just like our own feet, it's important to keep your exotic animal's hooves clean. This will help prevent infection and other diseases. Be sure to clean their hooves after trimming them.

The Best Tool for Hoof Trimming

The Hoof Boss is a versatile tool that can handle any job or animal, big or small. Our Trim-it-all tool set includes everything you would need to trim any exotic animal, including:

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Hoof Care is Essential

Hoof care can often be overlooked but is an essential part of caring for an exotic animal. Healthy hooves are necessary for the overall health of your animal and can prevent several problems from occurring down the road. Inspecting your animal’s hooves regularly, keeping them clean, and well-trimmed will go a long way in ensuring that your exotic animal remains healthy and happy for years to come.