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Trim-It-All Hoof Care Set

True to its word, if it has a hoof you can trim it with this set. The Trim–It–All has 9 abrasive discs, 3 cut-off discs and 2 chain discs. This set is recommended for the farmer or rancher that has a menagerie of animals. You can trim goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cows, horses and even llamas and alpacas. We have even had ranchers tell us they us it on yaks.

We also recommend this set to zoos, rescue shelters, and petting zoos. This set has a disc that can be used on any exotic animal with a hoof. Antelope, Zebras, Tapirs, Giraffes and Elephants can all be trimmed with the Hoof Boss Trim-It-All Set.

 Hoof Boss is available in two models, Hoof Boss (plug-in electric) and Hoof Boss Mobile (battery powered).  BATTERY NOT INCLUDED.   


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