Basic Goat Hoof Care Mobile Trimming Set

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Designed for small-scale meat and milk goat owners, our Hoof Boss Basic Goat Hoof Care Mobile Set is an affordable, battery-powered solution that prioritizes mobility. Engineered precisely to meet their needs, this set offers efficient and effective care for goat hooves, enabling seamless mobility with its battery-powered design.

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The Trimming Set consists of the Mobile Battery Powered, 20 volt, Hoof Boss (Battery and charger are not included). Removing hoof material is accomplished by either cutting or removing the material through abrasion.

The 8-tooth Cdisc is used to cut material from the hoof easily removing hoof fold. The Cdisc produces a fast, smooth, precise, controllable cut. There are two abrasive trimming discs; both are used to remove hoof material through abrasion. The Blue medium grit-trimming disc is used on animals that could be small hooved or regularly maintained goats that do not require a lot of work to bring the hoof back to confirmation. The Blue medium-grit disc is used when treating a foundered goat. The Silver Coarse Grit Trimming Disc is best suited for medium to large goat breeds like Boer Goats. Choice of trimming disc will depend on the circumstances surrounding the goat.

Customer Reviews

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Its Authentic bosstool


I used it once and it wasn’t easy to use. I used it again and it really upset the goats and was hard to use. I cannot return it because it’s past 30 days but with goats you wouldn’t use it more than once in 30 days. Really disappointed in the product and the policy.

Faster trimming!

This works great! I use a DeWalt battery for power and it clips onto my belt. I ended up getting a finer grit disc ( gold/tan) because I trim them every other month and don't need such a course disc every time. This has cut my trim time down to less than half. The goats don't seem to mind this as much as cutting their hooves, maybe because its faster. I would definitely recommend!

Wife loves it.

So far she has used it on a flock of sheep, a small herd of goats, and a couple of her cows. Much easier for her to use than nippers and file and gives better results.

Regina Shelton
I little awkward at first.

This little grinder is awesome! It was worth saving up for. A bit of a learning curve on how to hold a wiggly goat hoof and this machine and not cut yourself. Wear leather gloves for sure. Also keep your mouth closed or you'll be spitting hoof shards! It grinds fast so be careful and don't go to far (like I did) also it's pretty loud so I only use it on a couple of my goats when I'm by myself, the ones that are not scared of everything! Lol

Your Tool Comes With

Disc Daddy


Blue Medium Grit Disc


Silver Coarse Grit Disc


Diamond Coated File


8 - Tooth Chain Replacement


How-To Guide For Goats

First Time Hoof Boss User Experience

Customer Testimonials

"Oh my God this thing is awesome, I will guarantee this product will work for anyone that lives by themselves on a farm as I do that has a bunch of goats it's very easy for one person to do horse hooves and goat hoofs I would recommend this to anyone."

– Dion Wolff

"Tonight I decided to change it up and try out the chain saw blade. This was a game changer. This blade cut like butter, gave me an incredibly smooth hoof surface and I was able to complete a hoof in about 30 seconds. No more need for the hand trimmer, this was amazing and I should have started with it the first time. Don’t be like me and dive right in and use this one first."

– Briana G